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Anyone interested in joining please contact any of our officers. We would love to have you!!

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  • President
    Dave Kowalski
  • Vice President
    Steve Findlay
  • Secretary
    Angie Luth
  • Treasurer
    Dawn Kalkman
  • Members at Large
    Jeff Schluckbier

    Matt Bouvy

    Dave Weber

  • Meeting Dates


The name of the organization shall be the Rocket Athletic Boosters.


To develop, promote, and support projects and activities for the enrichment of the athletic programs and encourage “Pride in Reese Athletics”.


The Rocket Athletic Boosters organization shall cooperate with the school to support the improvement of athletics in a way that will not interfere with the administration of the athletic program. The organization shall not be involved in establishing school athletic policy, i.e., training rules, length of season, eligibility; nor shall they be involved in the recruitment, hiring, or dismissal of coaches or endorse candidates running for the Board of Education.

The organization is not to be a sounding board for individuals to voice complaints concerning coaches or programs. All complaints of a school employee must be channeled through the proper procedure according to the Board Policy 1312, adopted 3-14-77.


Membership shall be open to anyone interested in supporting the athletic programs, projects, and activities.


PRESIDENT: The president shall preside at all meetings for the Rocket Athletic Booster’s Organization. The president shall appoint the members of all project and fund raising committees.

VICE PRESIDENT: The vice president shall perform all the duties of the president in the absence or disability of the president. The vice president shall assume the responsibility of the president the following year.

SECRETARY: The secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings, including attendance records at all meetings. The secretary shall handle all correspondence, including notices of all meetings.

TREASURER: The treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all moneys collected and distributed. All moneys will be recorded in the school’s activities account under the name, “Rocket Athletic Boosters”.

ATHLETIC DIRECTOR: Shall be a non-elected member and act as the liaison between the school, coaching staff, and the organization. He/she will have the authority to veto any program deemed not in the best interest of the school and/or athletic program.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Shall be comprised of two members at large and the above officers.


NOMINATIONS: A slate of candidates for each office will be presented at the meeting. Additional names may be placed in nomination from the floor at the meeting. The election of officers shall be done by written ballot.

VACANCIES: Any vacant office shall be filled by appointment made by majority vote of the remaining officers and held until the term expires.

TERMS OF OFFICE: Terms of office will be for one (1) year. Elections will be held at the September meeting.


REGULAR MEETINGS: Regular meetings shall be held during the months of November, January, and April at 7:00 PM. Dates shall be scheduled and posted by prior to the school calendar distribution. Meetings may be rescheduled by the Board of Directors if conflicts exist.

BUSINESS MEETINGS (Board of Directors): Business meetings will be called by the president whenever deemed necessary with the Athletic Director’s approval. Board of Directors will meet prior to each scheduled regular meeting.

NOTICE OF MEETINGS: A notice of meetings shall be placed in school publications.


DISBURSEMENTS: All disbursements shall be paid from the ROCKET ATHLETIC BOOSTERS account by the treasurer, subject to review and approval of a majority of the voting membership present and the Athletic Director.

REQUESTS: All requests for money must go through the Athletic Director before a coach or coaches may request monetary assistance from the organization. This is to safeguard from inequitable funding of one sport over another. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to approve expenditures not exceeding $500.00.


All fund raising activities and projects are to be coordinated with all three buildings so as not to interfere with each other’s projects. All fund raising activities and projects must be approved by the Board of Directors and the general membership and coordinated through the Athletic Director. Fund raising activities and projects will follow all administrative guidelines of the school district.


All debts incurred during a given school year shall be paid in full by the treasure before the beginning of the next school year.


Voting privileges shall be given to dues paying members for the purpose of election of officers.


These guidelines may be amended by a reading of the amendment at any regular meeting; the, the proposed change shall be voted on by the general membership, at the first meeting following it’s reading by a majority vote.


Any questions as to the meaning of proper interpretation of any of these guidelines shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


Upon disbandment, after all bills have been paid, the funds and properties of this organization shall be turned overt to the Reese High School Athletic Fund.