Welcome to Driver Education

Welcome to Driver Education at Reese High School.  My name is Dave Elliott and the current Driver Education Coordinator.

Reese Driver Education is open to anyone regardless of whether you go to the Reese Schools or not.

Hopefully the links that are on this page will help you for the upcoming school year. The registration form and contract can be downloaded or you can have your child pick one up in the office. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me at the school (868-4191) and my extension is 2239 or use the link for my e-mail.

Cost again this summer is $265 and covers the costs for both Segment I and Segment II. The Segment 1 classes for this year (2019) have been set.  We end our regular school year on Friday, June 7, so I'm planning on starting the June class on Monday, June 10. By state law we must have 24 hours of bookwork for Segment 1 with a maximum of 2 hours per day.  What we're going to do is have our bookwork from 8-10 am each day.  We again will start on June 10 & have class the rest of that week, all the next week, and the first 3 days of the following week, so bookwork will end on June 26.  As far as driving is concerned, again by state law they have to have at least 6 hours behind the wheel,, we will start that on June 12.  By state law they have to have 4 hours of bookwork before any can drive, so therefore we will start driving on the first Tuesday.  I will set up a schedule for all the succeeding days and we will be driving on Saturday's & probably not Sunday's.  We're going to try to be done by the 4th of July with all of it.  To be eligible for the June class your son/daughter would have to be 15 by October 10th of 2019. The July Segment 1 class will start on Monday, July 15th.  The bookwork part of the class again will be from 8-10 am and will run all of that week (M-F), all the next week (M-F), and the first 3 days of the following week ending on July 31.  Again we will set up a driving schedule starting on Tuesday, July 16.  Will be very similar to the June setup. For the July class they will have to be 15 by November 15, 2019. If your child's birth date is between October 11 to November 15. 2019 they will have to take the July class.

On the very top of the Segment 1 registration form, on either side,  you will see June Class or July class.  Please circle which class you want them in or they have to take. You will also have to turn in a copy of their birth certificate so I have proof of their birthday.  If I'm audited I have to have it.

You then will need 3 forms to turn in.  The Segment 1 Contract, the Segment 1 Registration Form, and a copy of the birth certificate.

There will be three Segment II classes this year--one after Thanksgiving, one after Christmas break, and the other in March or April depending on the spring sports schedules. Dates are on the form on the right side of this website. Again if you have any questions call me at home 868-3578 or school 868-4191.  or e-mail me.

Class Information
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    If you have any questions concerning the Driver Education classes or program you may contact me at the High School at 868-4191, on my conference, between 9:09 and 9:57 am; on my cell at 989-882-5525 or my home at 989-868-3578.







    I know this is short notice but there will be a parent meeting on Thursday, June 6th for any parent that is interested in what our driver education program consists of or questions they may have about the class, driving times, etc.  I look forward to meeting everyone there.

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